The Wife from Top Cola Cultivators

The Wife from Top Cola 1 minute Review

Thanks for checking out the written review for The Wife from Top Cola Cultivators. This written section is more of a companion to the review video so I highly suggest you watch the video first! I mean its only 50 seconds!


We have a new hotty on the block, and she is already taken.

The Wife is the first strain to be sold by a fairly new hemp flower vendor Top Cola Cultivators. 

With a completely indoor, hydroponic, pesticide-free grow, Top Cola has done something many hemp vendors struggle to do. 

Create a product that speaks for itself. 

All it took was one picture of this bud for me to know I had to try it and I was extremely pleased with my results. 

This strain was surprisingly difficult for me to review. I knew after smoking on it for a few days, that I was in love with another mans wife. However, I couldn’t put my finger on why. 

Was it because she was stunningly beautiful? 
Was it because she made me feel like a million bucks?
Was it because she was the new thing on the block?

I am honestly still not sure!

The Wife Review

But I do know, this strain quickly became one of my favorites and I am not the only one. I checked Top Cola today to try and secure a couple of ounces, but all they had left were 1g bags and smalls. 

DO NOT let the stats deceive you, though this strain has pretty below average percentages compared to its competition, it easily outperforms a lot of the 20%+ CBD strains. 

Effects wise, it’s a bit hard to put a finger on what exactly I like so much. The strain just makes me feel good! It’s a nice entourage of effects that all contribute to full-body zen. It feels like a strain that can be used all day to keep your mood lifted and your mind clear. 


Once they start offering ounces again, I could really see The Wife becoming my daily driver strain for the foreseeable future. 

This strain just hits all the right marks for me and I am extremely excited to see what else Top Cola has to offer us. This is definitely a vendor to keep an eye on!


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