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Thanks for checking out the written review for Pineapple Punch from Hempzotics. This written section is more of a companion to the review video so I highly suggest you watch the video first! I mean its only 50 seconds!

CBD does not get enough credit for its pain relief benefits. After a few days of feeling my knees crumble underneath me, this strain gave me the relief I needed.

The Review

The awful quote for this strain is “Punch? More like a good massage.”

Awful? Yes.

True? Yes.

This strain genuinely surprised me by making an ache I had in my knees disappear for a few hours. I am not usually one to use hemp flower or CBD for its pain relief properties. However, I had just gone for a long run and my knees were crumbling (My arms were heavy, I had vomit on my sweater. Moms spaghetti)

I got home, vaped on some of this Pineapple Punch and like magic, my knees felt 100x better. This did not last forever, maybe 4 hours but I will take 4 hours of relief versus none any day of the week.

I was so surprised by the pain relief that when my wife was experiencing period pains, I offered her some of this flower to help. It did not do much for her pain (sorry ladies) but it did put her to sleep for a few hours.


Excellent pain relief and nighttime strain. Smokes like a solid Indica and might be useful for those feeling any aches.


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