Lemon Milk CBG from Hempzotics Review

Thanks for checking out the written review for Lemon Milk from Hempzotics. This written section is more of a companion to the review video so I highly suggest you watch the video first! I mean its only 50 seconds!

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CBG Hemp Strains

CBG Hemp is no joke guys! I initially thought I could get all the benefits I needed from CBD. However, after trying a CBG strain for the first time, my eyes are open to finding more strains with high CBG levels. Lemon Milk is only the second CBG strain I have tried in my quest. However, effects wise , it might just be the best hemp flower I have tried. Period.

Lemon Milk Review

Lemon Milk was an absolute surprise on me. The only other CBG strain I have tried was from Black Tie and no shade to Black Tie but this strain blows their Lemon Haze out of the water.

This strain reminded me of smoking a good sativa from a cannabis dispensary.

It cleared my mind and made me feel ready to start working. After smoking it , I was able to edit and film the review video in under an hour which is pretty good for me.

These are the exact effects that I have been searching for when buying hemp flower all these years. I typically smoke in the morning before I go on a run and this strain fits perfectly with that lifestyle.

My biggest complaints with this strain would be bud size and cost. At $10/gram this bud is pretty pricey. However, I was able to catch it with a $10 discount using the sales page.

The buds are also tiny, even compared to some of the other Hempzotics strains I have tried. Hempzotics does make up for it with an excellent cure and trim.

Neither of these come close to being a deal breaker however, solely due to how good the effects are from this bud. This strain isn’t perfect, but if you are looking for an uplifting strain I highly recommend this one.


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