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    Hey everyone thanks for allowing people like myself to join a community dedicated on the greatness hemp flower provides. With that said here is my review so far on Krishna’s Special Sauce.

    The smell was very potent. Citrus with sourness to it. Dense and moist enough to prevent any over dryness. Broke down pretty well with some nice stickiness going on.

    I took a hit from the vape…great strong terpene flavor. Although my method is smoking by a joint. So I rolled one and within within minutes relief was reached. Very strong and powerful effects. Burned pretty slow and provided what I needed with just a cigerrete sized joint. With that said this flower would last you awhile due to it’s potency…a little goes a long ways.

    Buds we’re pretty big and flower literally goes down far on the stem. Trimmed well with insane orange hairs and tricomes glimmering from outer to inner of the flower. Great strain for evening or a few hits to ease any tension through your day. I did get couch lock but that’s why this flower is great so you can medicate then fall asleep feeling super relaxed. Definitely recommend it if you can grab some when they have it.

    (Will edit this with picture)

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