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Hemp Buddy Forum Strain Reviews DURBAN POTION from CBD Direct

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    Picked up a 1.5g sample during 420 sales.

    Packaging: Mylar bags wrapped in flat bubble wrap, placed into a USPS heavy card stock mailer. No smell, however risk of flower being crushed. Mine was not.

    Fragrance: Wow! No hempish hay or cut grass smell. This smells very close to THC flower. Bit of pine, bit of dank.

    Effects: Instant “woke” feeling followed by brief heaviness behind eyes that quickly washed my body in relaxation. The pain/fire in my hand from CTS melted away and was not present this morning. Not a nighttime strain as I was up till 3:30am. Another dose this morning. I quickly start focusing on my daily tasks, which I was looking for.

    This strain combines the “woke”, mental focus, and pain relief I was looking for.

    Nugs: 1 nice sized. Slightly crisp. Light frosting of trichomes. Trim better than many, medium tight.

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