A wonderful sampling of strains to smooth out the rough spots and help you recover from all that life throws at you.

Our Soothe & Relieve Collection is a perfect choice for those looking to kick back and unwind after a long day. Like a trio of avenging angels sent to help you fend off the ravaging host from beyond the borders of an internal shadowland, the Soothe and Relieve Collection is a great way to relax with some much needed TLC.

We know this collection serves as a great option for those new to CBD flower and the seasoned connoisseur alike! This is a perfect way to sample a variety of our premium offerings at a great value.

Each order serves up a flight of three, individually packaged, 3.5g hemp flowers. The current line up in this package includes Cherry Wine, Sour Space Candy and Hawaiian Haze. Enjoy!

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