Pre-Rolled Joints simply make smoking easy. They are ready to smoke on the go, all you need is your trusty lighter. Our Black Tie Pre-Rolled Joints are perfectly rolled, tasty and smooth. The hemp flower is finely ground and then rolled into a perfect joint for you to enjoy.

*Each joint is ~850mg*

Available in Singles (1) , Pack of 3, or Pack of 5

Strain: Jack w/ Various Concentrate(s) included

Taste Profile:  When burnt, the flowers give off a surprisingly clean and herbal scent, similar to sage. An exceptionally smooth and easy smoke is pleasantly herbal. Although not overwhelmingly pungent, Jack leaves behind a lingering spicy-floral odor giving the general impression of potpourri.

Total CBD - 21.715%

THC (Delta 9) - .28%

Total Cannabinoids Analyzed - 24.865%

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