Expertly crafted and grown with care in Oregon, this Hemp Flower strain has become one of the most strains popular on the market! These bright, colorful, and tasty buds tend to be medium to large in size with brilliant greens and purples throughout! Our hemp flower comes with an amazing aroma providing piney and fruity notes. When consumed, it is extremely smooth with a nice, sweet flavoring.

Further covered in brilliant trichomes, this strain is sure to provide you with plenty of kief to add to your water pipe or joint! Being pure hemp flower, this product can be used for just about anything! While most of our customers will use it to smoke or vape, it can also be used to oils, edibles, and other products as well. Pure hemp flower provides you with a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile as well as the ability to consume it how you would prefer. The full-spectrum aspect of the flower will play to your benefit as it will help provide all of the benefits obtained by using many other available cannabinoids found in the hemp plant!

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