HIGH DESERT LIFTER – Grown at an elevation of over 3,000 ft. from sea level, in Bend Oregon, this version of Lifter is truly special. The bright green & dark purple buds are heavily coated in trichomes and leave a resinous film on your fingers after prepping the pieces to smoke. This flower is proof that things grow a little different when they are closer to the sun. Medium to large buds that emit a beautiful aroma - A skunky cannabis scent with sweet purple undertones. The smell is loud and pleasant and will likely have you smelling your fingers repetitively while rolling up. A rich taste that is smooth and velvety. It coats the palate in lavender, cannabis, and bliss.

Primary Terpenes:  B-Myrcene, β-Farnesene, β-Caryophyllene (2.08% Total Terpenes)

Primary Aromas: Lavender, Cannabis, Magnolia, Basil, Chamomile

Smell Profile: The smell is pleasantly loud with strong nodes of purple sweetness that are rich and textured. It smells like fruity pebbles, lavender, and skunk. There is a sweet finish and little to no earthiness.

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