1/2 OUNCE Special Sauce (Original Special Sauce x Early Resin Berry)

We love growing hemp and we try to grow every strain our customers want each year, but were bummed this year when we couldn’t get our hands on any Special Sauce seeds of our own to grow. We thought we’d have to go without and make you wait until next year. Then, as it happened, on the lands around where our manager, Beth, rides her horses each week, we came into contact with a neighbor who had grown some Special Sauce. We obsessed over this flower to make sure it met our quality standards and were overjoyed to find that it’s an awesome batch that you’re going to love. Please enjoy our neighbor Paul’s wonderful flower.

Special Sauce is OregonCBD’s flagship strain with exotic astringent berry smells, beautiful pink pistils, and some of the highest oil returns of any hemp on the planet. The flavors are otherworldly. Flowers are smaller than some other strains, but end up very dense and coated in glistening resin. This is a top-seller in the international trimmed flower market and peerless for full spectrum oil extraction. Special Sauce has the highest average CBD content of all OregonCBD strains. It’s a hybrid strain with Indica dominant.

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