Can someone say yum?  Cherry Uno is an earthy, indica dominant hyrbid that uplifts users and enhances creativity!  This strain has to potential to help some users manage pain and its mood uplifting qualities will leave one with a happy, relaxed sense.

There are two flower trim types to choose from.  Below are our standards for each trim type...

Machine Trim - Will have some leaves and is generally a looser trim around the bud.  This will run through our gentle trimming machine, which softly tumbles the hemp flower to remove large leaves.

Hand Trim - Each of these flowers are hand trimmed individually by our experienced staff.  Generally, this will result in a tighter trim with only some small leaves remaining.

The quantity of these orders is 1lb with your choice of trim and package type.  If you are ordering Pre-Rolls, please select the Pre-Roll trim type, if not, choose between the machine and hand trim.  All Pre-Rolls are sent in glass tubes.

Please indicate whether these products should be labeled.

Please message us for orders over 25lbs.

Our craft hemp flower contains less than 0.3% Δ9-THC.

Pricing Table


WeightCost Price / Gram
1g (Mylar Bag)$ 1800$ 1800
3.5g (Mylar Bag)$ 1500$ 428.57
7g (Mylar Bag)$ 1200$ 171.43
Vaccum Sealed Bag$ 700$ 700.00
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