CHERRY PIE -Cherry AK crossed with an undisclosed hemp strain, these light green buds are perfectly manicured, dense, and sticky. Looking remarkably similar to its cannabis cousin, this strain has a scent that will make you wonder whether it’s actually legal! A sweet Cherry scent is the first to hit the nostrils followed by a notable cannabis undertone and finishes with a hint of sweetness just like the last bite of a Cherry Pie. The smell and taste are robust, yet smooth. The taste lingers on the tongue for a bit, however there is little to no throat grab. A very pleasant smoking experience will lead to calming effects that can last for hours. You may also feel euphoria, creativity, and pain-relieving effects from combusting this beautiful hemp strain.

Phenotype: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Primary Terpenes: Beta-Myrcene, Trans- Caryophyllene, and Alpha-Bisabolol  (Terpene info on pg.2 of the lab analysis)

Primary Aromas: Sweet and Sour Cherry Pie, cannabis undertone, smooth sweet finish.

Taste Profile: Like its smell, this strain has a robust cherry pie taste, followed by cannabis undertones, and finishes with a smooth, sweet taste.

Preferred Time of Use: Daytime - Afternoon

Total Cannabinoids Analyzed – 21.578%

Total CBD – 17.803%

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