CARAMEL OG (INDOOR) – The sweet caramel hint on this indoor OG will bring a smile to your face. The buds are medium to hard in density and covered in orange hairs. The scent and taste are remarkably similar, smooth and pleasantly aromatic.

The smoke provides a creamy flavor the sits on the palate. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you may have a hard time putting this one down. The Caramel OG, a Black Tie exclusive indoor strain.

Density: Medium to High

Primary Terpene Profiles: B-Nerolidol, (-)-Guaiol, B-Myrcene

Primary Aromas: OG, Cocoa, Caramel, Wood

Smell Profile: The Caramel OG has a strong cannabis scent with wafts of warm caramel. Pinch the buds to release more of the sweet desert like aroma as well as a more pungent cannabis smell.

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