Bubba Kush is remarkably potent, anxiolytic, and relaxing – this flower stands up to the best of the best in terms of the quintessential indica body high and euphoria. She is the queen of couchlock. Effects come up very quickly and sizzle out after about 3 or 4 hours, at which point you will sleep like a rock if you so try. Aches, pains, and tension will vanish into thin air. Bubba Kush smells and tastes somewhere between pine, lemon, and pepper.

Dominance: indica
Nose:  pine, lemon, pepper
Total cannabinoids: 18.14%
CBD: 16.71%
CBG: 0.46%
CBC: 0.06%
d9-THC: 0.06%

Pricing Table
(in Gram)(in $)(in $)
7 grams (Smalls)294.14
14 grams (Smalls)493.50
28 grams (Smalls)993.54
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