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The Flower Gurus have hit the road running on their pursuit to be one of the top hemp vendors. Though they are not farm to customer, they make sure to acquire only the best hemp flower they can get. Having one of the best Hawaiian Haze’s on the market, you can really tell they spend time picking their sources. Flower Guru’s are also very active in the community and you can catch them around all the time. This level of customer service is extremely refreshing in the hemp market.

Favorite Strains

Hawaiian Haze

This Hawaiian Haze is one of the best on the market. Very good body high aswell as a great trim and cure.


Make sure you are here when this one comes back in stock. Such a great Elektra, one or two puffs and you have almost instant relief.

Special Sauce

One of their newer strains, this one is a must try. Special Sauce is known for its extreme sedating effect. If you want to relax after a tought day, perfect strain for you.



WeightPrice/GramAvg Total
3.5g (1/8 oz)
7g (1/4 oz)$6.00$42.00
14g (1/2 oz)
28g (1oz)
Though they are not the most affordable hemp vendor, they still provide some great hemp for the price. They also run pretty consistent sales which you can check out on our sales page.


Your order will be shipped very discretley with no odor or smell coming through the packaging. Shipping speed is average however there are some reported instances of it coming faster than expected.

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