Hemp is a member of the plant family Cannabis Sativa. Hemp has been used for centuries by humans for many applications such as paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food, and fuel.  Typically the flower used for this is referred to as Industrial Hemp. 


Recently, however, Hemp Flower has been cultivated to have high CBD levels and be smokeable. This version of hemp is the focus of this site. High CBD Hemp Flower that can be smoked for calming and relaxing effects. 

For more information on industrial hemp, you can look here: https://hempethics.weebly.com/what-is-industrial-hemp.html

The short answer for most people, YES. 

Hemp is legal in 49 out of 50 states at the time of writing this. Only Indiana has made an effort to make hemp illegal. 


The longer answer, still YES.

In December 2018, president Donald Trump signed the 2018 farm bill into law. This bill made cultivation and growing of hemp legal on the federal level, thus making it legal in all 50 States. 

Some states have however enforced their own laws to either restrict or outlaw hemp. As of writing this, you are good in 49 out of the 50 states. To avoid any confusion, please check your state laws for information regarding hemp. 

For more information on hemp legality look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp_Farming_Act_of_2018

For the most part yes, hemp is very safe to purchase online just like buying anything else online. The only thing you have to watch out far is which vendors you purchase from. There are a lot of fake vendors and they will scam you. You can look at our official vendors’ page for reputable vendors to purchase from. 

Some extra security measures you could take to protect yourself include: using a credit card or prepaid card for your purchase, buying only from vendors you find on The Hemp Buddy , only using vendors who ship through USPS.

Yes, however, there is some important information you want to know about your vendor before you buy from them. 


  1. Make sure they ship through USPS.
  2. Make sure they have discreet smell proof packaging. 
  3. Ask if they include a notice to law enforcement in their package ( A slip basically saying this is hemp and not marijuana)
  4. Find out if they ship the product with lab results ( just so you have a quick way to prove it is hemp)
  5. See if they ship in a box or a bubble mailer ( Boxes are preferred to ensure the flower doesn’t get crushed)

Now all these are not required, 9 times out of 10 none of them will matter other than smell proof packaging and shipping through USPS. However, if safety is your biggest concern, these are the things to look for when purchasing. 


The reason I emphasize USPS is that it is the safest shipping option as USPS will never open your mail and even if it is by chance seized by Law Enforcement, you can just leave the package and not worry about it. USPS also lost a federal lawsuit about seizing hemp and this basically made it so that they have to ship hemp, no questions asked. 


Find out more on USPS shipping here : 


Nope, Hemp and Weed are the same plants. However, through a ton of breeding, they have very different effects even though they still look and smell the same. Kind of like how a black lab and a golden retriever are both dogs. When you see a black lab you think “ that’s a dog”, but it is nothing like a golden retriever. Hemp has little to none of the psychedelic effects that weed has on you, sure you might get a tiny buzz from time to time but it is nothing compared to weed. Hemp focuses more on the calming and relaxing properties of CBD rather than the mental properties of THC.

Not really, but sometimes? Let me explain. 


Hemp cannot legally have more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in it. This means that you have to smoke a ton of hemp to get even the more basic effects of THC. 


Now if you have never smoked THC before or have been on a long tolerance break, you might feel stronger effects from the THC because your tolerance is so low. However, these effects are on a much smaller scale than smoking weed. 


To avoid getting any effects from THC, you can use our product filter to find products with low THC percentages. Just click the filter option for ‘Low THCa %’.

If you are in the other camp and want to get more of a head high from your hemp alongside the other benefits, you can do the same. Just click the option for ‘High THCa %’.

Yes, Hemp is legal on a federal level so there are no issues shipping hemp to any state even if they ban marijuana. 


Now if Hemp was recently made illegal in your state, your best bet is to email the vendor and ask if they have an issue shipping to your state.

This honestly just depends on person to person. Some people can smoke a blunt 20 minutes before the test and pass while others are not given this luxury. 


Your best bet is to just test for yourself, smoke a couple of bowls give it a day or two and try an at home test. 

If you are worried about a drug test, I would tell you to try and take a break for a few weeks before the test.

If this is your first hemp purchase, I would suggest going with some of the more popular vendors and picking a sampler pack from them. You can look through our vendor page to find some good options.

You can also check out our product filter to help you significantly narrow down your search. Want to see all the options at a certain price range or certain CBD percentage? We got you covered! 

Don’t forget to check out our Sales page for deals from any of these companies!

Because Hemp is such a new and emerging market, there are not many strains to choose from now. However, as it grows and more companies start to produce different strains, farmers will begin to have a bunch of strains to choose from. 


Though they are technically coming from the same seeds, there is a very drastic difference in quality depending on the farmers. You can expect different effects and results depending on which vendor you end up choosing. Just because you have tried Lifter once doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it from someone else.

Hemp Flower affects everyone differently, partly why I hate questions like “what’s a good nighttime strain?” A good night time strain for me can keep my girlfriend up for hours. It’s best to experiment and find what works for you. Some flowers have had little to no effect on me while others provide very noticeable relief. This is why I urge those new to CBD Flower to try a sampler pack. It allows you to test a few different strains to find the one best for you. 


Another thing that could help you is learning how to properly inhale smoke. You can check out this video here to learn.


Also, try changing your method of consumption. Some people have trouble inhaling when smoking a joint, try a bong instead. You can view the many methods of smoking hemp flower here.

Smalls / Minis / Micro Buds / B Buds: Typically these are just buds found either lower on the plant or small buds that fell off a large bud. It is hard to tell if these are less potent than larger buds, as there has not been much research. What I can say is that if you look at the labs for Bast – Smalls and for Bast Tops , there is almost no difference in potency. 


These buds are usually sold at a reduced price because of their smaller size. If you do not care about the looks of your bud, these are the best bet for you as they are likely to be just as potent as tops. 


Tops / Premium Bud / Flower Buds: These are the standard buds that you see all over Instagram. They are usually pretty big nugs and are nice to look at.


Because of the size and look of these buds, they are about 20% more expensive than smalls on average with similar potency.  These are for those who enjoy the process of breaking down a large bud just as much as they enjoy smoking on it. 


Shake /Trim: This is the leftover from processing hemp. Shake and trim are much less potent than actual flower buds, however, they do still possess some of the properties of the plant. These are sold at an extremely reduced price with ounces being about $20-$30. Though they are typically a much harsher smoke, they can be smoked if you really want to but your lungs will be begging for mercy. Shake and Trim are much better used in the production of edibles.

Hand Trimmed Bud is usually better looking and has fewer leaves on the outside. When someone sits down to trim bud, they are a lot better at catching everything compared to a machine. Hand Trimmed Bud is usually easier on the throat and lungs as it won’t have any accidental leaves. Hand Trimmed Bud also usually has fewer seeds as they are caught in the process.


Machine Trimmed Bud may have a few extra leaves than preferred on the buds. Machines also tend to miss seeds, so you are more likely to find seed in your bud.


If you can look for hand trimmed bud whenever possible

This is pretty easy to find out. So let’s say you have a flower that is 14% CBD. 1 gram of that flower is equal to 1000 mg. So if 14% of that 1000mg is CBD, that means that there is 140mg of CBD in one gram of that flower.

This is completely subjective and depends entirely on what you need from your hemp flower. 


We suggest using the product filter and filtering for what you want out of a strain. Need a strain to help you fall asleep? Trying filtering for something with High Mycrene. Etc.

Typically, you want to store your flower in a cool, dark and dry place. Mason Jars are a preferred option for storing hemp flower. Ideally, you would have a 2 mason jar set up for storage purposes. 


One jar is for the hemp you would consume within the upcoming week. This jar should have a boveda pack ( I use 62%) to keep the flowers hydrated for a smooth smoke. 

The second jar is used for all your remaining hemp flower. You want to keep this one dry, so no need to get a boveda pack. If you really want to make sure your flower is protected, look into amber mason jars. These will also protect your hemp flower from the sun.

You can use our dry-flower vendors page to find a list of reputable vendors.

All the strains will have different CBD and THC percentages as well as different terpene profiles. This also leads to them having different smells, different tastes and different effects. Using the product filter on our site, you can filter through the different strains to find one that has everything you enjoy. This includes being able to search for high CBD strains, strains that relax you or relieve stress.

This question is a bit hard to answer as some patches can be extremely high quality and others can be rather rubbish. One key factor when looking for a high-quality flower is if the vendor selling the flower is the farmer who grew it. Typically when the flower is farm to customer, you are more likely to find a flower that is better-taken care of and of higher quality. 

If you want to view some vendors that are farm to customer, you can go to our product filter and click the filter option “Farm to Customer.”

From everyone I have asked, the answer is no. Hemp has so little THC that you typically do not notice many if any of the same effects you get from smoking weed. 

If you are worried about getting panic attacks or paranoia use our product filter to search for strains that are low in THCa percentage. This gives you the best chance of avoiding these effects from THC.

This is a very hard question to answer and will greatly depend on the person. Some people have had great results using hemp as a way to curb addiction. I would say to at least give it a shot if you are struggling with some form of addiction. We have a great community on reddit that may be able to help you with more personal answers from those who have succeeded in using hemp to help them curb addictions. Feel free to drop any questions or personal stories you want to share on our sites forum as well. We would love to hear how hemp is helping you!

Yep, and it is the preferred method of using hemp for some people. CBD has been said to combat some of the negative effects of THC such as paranoia, anxiety and panic attacks. If you use THC weed for your pain relief and want to avoid some of those effects trying mixing at a 2:1 ratio THC to Hemp. 


I am personally the opposite and enjoy a little buzz with my hemp from time to time so I do a 3:1 ratio Hemp to THC.

For this, I recommend using the product filter and finding strains to your liking. For example, if you are a fan of the Blue Dream THC strain ; that strain has a high linalool content so filter for strain with high linalool.

If you are looking to get high from hemp, yes it is just diet weed. It’s like comparing decaf coffee to normal coffee. Decaf still has some caffeine in it, but not enough for any real effects. 


However, if you like the relaxation properties of weed then you have to give Hemp a try just to see the difference.

One of the awesome things we have made for the Hemp Community is our product filter. It allows you to easily search through over 200 different hemp flower products to find exactly what you are looking for. 


You can look through your favorite vendor’s product to see the best strain they sell. Using this tool you can 


  1. find strains in the specific CBD percentage Range you are looking for
  2. Look for cheaper options if you are on a budget.
  3. Look for more premium vendors if you want to treat yourself.
  4. Find Shake/Trim or Smalls 
  5. Find strains that have Pesticide Reports, Potency Analysis, or Terpene Analysis
  6. Search for the specific effects and terpenes you are looking for
  7. Find a flower that was grown indoors
  8. Find Flower that comes directly from the Farm it was grown on
  9. Look for Flower with High THCa or Low THCa levels


We are constantly adding new vendors to the filter so keep coming back to check if there is any new flower that fits your specifications.

There is also the community subreddit where you can also ask questions and find informative information about hemp flower.

For many people, their first journey with CBD was in the form of oil, tinctures, capsules or lotions. For some people, they were able to find relief here but for many others, these had barely noticeable effects when compared to hemp flower. 


Hemp Flower tends to have the strongest effects and is much more cost efficient than using any of the above options for relief. Hemp flower gives the benefits of CBD but also is useful for the “entourage effect” from consuming the entire flower rather than one molecule. This leads to stronger and longer lasting effects when compared to other options. 


If you are already of fan and user of CBD products and want to get stronger and cheaper effects, you should definitely give Hemp Flower a try at least once. 


If you tried CBD oils and other methods of consumption and received no relief before you give up on CBD give Hemp Flower a shot. You will most likely get much stronger effects and understand why everyone enjoys it so much.

For more information on the Entourage Effect check here .

This question depends entirely on person to person. To help guide you on finding the strain best for you I will explain terpenes to you. Terpenes are found on all Hemp Flower and directly correlate to different benefits found in Hemp Flower. If a flower is high in Pinene, it tends to lead to an increase in mood and alertness. 

For more information terpenes you can look here and here .

Once you have found your preferred terpenes for the effects you are seeking, use our product filter to find strains that are high in that terpene!

The general consensus is that vaping is the preferred method of use for hemp. Some people prefer to smoke as they say they get better effects, however, that’s just a personal preference as with many things here. 


My reasoning on why I think vaping is better:


Better for the lungs

Smoking sucks for the lungs no matter what it is your smoking

Taste Better 

You can get the better flavor out of a decent quality vape and you won’t be tasting ash

More efficient 

You can vape 0.15g to 0.30g and still get effects. Plus you can then use your AVB ( Already Vaped Bud) for edibles later down the line.

Better Effects (opinion)

This one is debatable, but I personally get better effects with a quality vape than I do from smoking.

No Smell

You can vape in your home and 20 minutes later the smell is completely gone. No need to be sneaking around all the time. 

All this to say that I still do smoke on occasion, it’s much easier to smoke with a bunch of friends than it is to vape with a bunch of friends. Smoking is also much cheaper to do, however that cheapness catches up to you later in life with all the downfalls to smoking.

If you are interested in starting to vape you could check out the vaporents subreddit for more information.

You can use the same recipes you would use for marijuana for hemp. The easiest way to make edibles with hemp is to just make hemp butter (cannabutter) and use that in place of butter in your favorite recipes. 


Quick Hemp Butter Guide from Cascadia Blooms

Terpenes are found on all Hemp Flower and directly correlate to different benefits found in Hemp Flower. If a flower is high in Pinene, it tends to lead to an increase in mood and alertness. 

For more information terpenes you can look here and here .

Once you have found your preferred terpenes for the effects you are seeking, use our product filter to find strains that are high in that terpene!

For a more look at the main 6 terpenes found on all hemp flower, check this article we wrote here.

Hemp Flowers main chemical is CBD, so you should first expect the same things you expect from CBD: Calming, Relaxing, Anti-Anxiety, Stress Relief. 


Hemp flower also has terpenes, however, and depending on which flower you get, you can expect to get different effects from the terpenes on the plant. 


If you get a strain with high pinene, expect to feel alertness. Know your terpenes and I am sure you will find a strain that you enjoy.

Typically you want to go really slow your first time smoking on hemp. Take 3 or 4 good hits, where you inhale properly and see where that takes you. 


Wait about 5 minutes, if you do not notice any effects ( Calming, Relaxation, Clear Head) take a few more hits. Repeat this until you either feel effects or have smoked more than 2 grams of flower. 


At this point, if you are not having effects, you may need to try a different flower or switch your method of ingestion. You can try switching to vaping or making edibles with your flower.


This is why I always recommend getting a sample pack on your first go. Some flower may not give you the relief you are looking for while others will be perfect.