Upstate Hemp Co

Upstate Hemp Co was founded on the ideology of providing premium therapeutic CBD flower at a price everybody can afford. We ultimately realized that even though we have the most competitive prices, some people still couldn’t afford the hemp. After first deciding to cut the prices further, which wasn’t a viable solution, we’d drawn up this, a Reduced Rate program for those that rely on CBD as a form of symptom mitigation/therapy. We truly understand the effects this wholesome flower can offer. Typically it seems that those who are disabled or have suffered from symptomatic diseases, they tend to slip through the cracks and don’t get the financial help they deserve. This is where we come into play. We’d like to offer for a reduced rate to a few folks every month, in the form of store credit. We do this because we absolutely love CBD Flower and it’s powerful effects. Each month we set aside a percentage of our profits in order to keep this program up and running


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