Cherry Mom Review from Apical Greens

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Cherry Mom Review

This was my first time trying a strain with a decent amount of the terpene ‘Ociemne’. I did not notice much of a difference with effects, but you can really taste and smell the sweetness from this strain.

This strain is excellent for all the flavor chasers out there who want to taste their bud. This is one of the few CBD strains I have tried with a pronounced taste to it. I wouldn’t call the taste Cherry, but more of a general sweet flavor.

When I first opened the container it blew me away by the aroma this strain gave off. The smell is more sweet than cherry, but there are definitely some hints of cherry here. If you want to smell something other than “D A N K”, this one should be a pleasant surprise for you.

Beyond smell and taste, there were few standout features of this strain. The buds are small and could use a better trim. The effects are excellent if you want a strain to help you get to bed, but I am not the market for that kind of strain.


Good nighttime strain for those struggling to get some Zzz’s. Excellent smell and tastes, with mediocre looking buds.


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