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The Hemp Buddy believes that good hemp products are too hard to find! We created this site in 2019 with one simple goal : People should be able to find the perfect hemp product for them. 

Weather that be a cheaper product, a product with High CBD levels or a product with their favorite terpene. We felt that no one offered the precise control over what products you see, that we are offering now!

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to be a hemp consumer. We want you to know your options , so you can make informed decisions about what you are purchasing. 

This site would not be possible without all the amazing vendors we have found to add to the site. We were tired of seeing the same 5 vendors having a strangle hold on the market. We want every vendor to have a fair chance to show off their best product.

The Product Filter

With our product filter, you can search from 40+ of the top hemp vendors to find the exact product you are looking for.

Gone are the days of having 10 tabs open looking through lab results to find the exact terpene profile you are looking for!

With our filter you can search through 700+ products in a matter of seconds to match your desired hemp experience.

Want the highest THC hemp currently on the market? We got you covered!

Want to a try a strain most similar to your favorite THC strains? We got you covered!

Coronavirus took your job and you need a cheaper option? We got you covered!

Not only are we offering the best hemp product filter on the internet. We are also committed to helping you find the best Sales on the market. Our Sales page is updated daily with all latest sales from your favorite vendors.

No longer will you be frivolously entering expired coupon codes into sites, trying to get the best deal.

Never miss a sale!


Safety is one of they key issues plaguing the hemp community. Too many stories have popped up about vendors not sending out product, or having predatory business practices.

The Hemp Buddy aims to eliminate this issue by only selecting vendors with and excellent track record to be shown on the website.

You can know that no matter what vendor you buy from, we have spent our money their first to be confident in recommending them to you!

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