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9 Interesting Ways You Can Smoke Hemp

With the passing of the 2018 farm bill, the industrial hemp market is booming. This bill made it legal to farm and cultivate hemp in all 50 states. This development has essentially made hemp legal to possess as long as the Delta-9 THC level was under 0.3%. This change sparked a lot of questions in the cannabis industry on whether it was safe to smoke legal hemp. Today we are going to answer some questions and also give you interesting ways you can smoke hemp.

Can you smoke hemp?

The simple answer is yes. Hemp is 100% legal to smoke and if your buying from one of the vendors listed on our vendor page, it was grown to be smoked.

The long answer is that as with any product derived from cannabis, we are sadly still in a time where you may get looks and harassment from using hemp. Though it has been legalized on the federal level, many people are still holding onto decades of stigma against the plant. It looks and smells like marijuana and to the uneducated person they will assume that it is marijuana. To combat this, I suggest never smoking your hemp in a public place. Only in a legal MJ state should you even consider smoking it outside.

Another important thing to remember is that smoking, no matter what you are smoking, is bad for your lungs. If your health is something you are concerned about, consider vaping or eating your hemp as an alternative to smoking. Your lungs will thank you in the long run and you will get the same effects as smoking.

Lastly, smoking hemp does not 100% guarantee you will pass a drug test. Even though there are very small amounts of THC ( 0.3% and below) everyone’s body metabolizes THC differently. Some users can smoke 5 minutes before a drug test and be clear. Others are not so lucky and need a week or two before they can pass. Know your body and do your own test if a drug test is something you are scared of.

Ways you can smoke hemp

1. Glass Water pipes

Glass pipe or bong to smoke hemp flower.
You can find many cheap glass pipes at

These are your standard water pipes, commonly referred to as bongs in the MJ community. These are not very beginner friendly but offer huge hits if you are looking to quickly get medicated.

2. Joints

Joint to smoke hemp flower

Old reliable as some would call it. Joints are one of the most cost-effective ways to consume hemp.

3. Blunts

A blunt for smoking hemp,

A personal favorite, if you’re looking for something a bit larger than a joint this will work for you. Watch out though, blunts are usually wrapped in tobacco so if your looking to avoid tobacco you might want to pass on this one.

4. Pre-Rolls

Just a joint or a blunt, rolled for you by professionals. A very quick and easy way to smoke. If you are new to smoking this is very beginner friendly as all you have to do is light it and inhale. You can look at our pre-roll section to see all available pre-rolls from online hemp stores.

5. One Hitter

Some example one hitters, they come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs.

A very discreet way to consume hemp, if you want a micro-dose just to relieve some anxiety or pain. Great for on the go consumption.

6. Pipes

This is a mix between a one-hitter and water pipe. These are typically glass and allow for some strong quick hits to get you medicated efficiently.

7. Cigars

Hemp Cigar to smoke hemp.
You can buy these bad boys at

If you like a long slow burn and want something that will take you a few hours to smoke, hemp cigars are the way to go. Currently, we do not have many hemp cigars on the market but you can check out secret nature for one now!

8. Hemp Cigarettes

These can be purchased here at

These are very similar to pre-rolls except instead of being in joint paper these are rolled to look and feel like cigarettes. They even smoke like cigarettes, perfect for those who find relaxation in smoking but are trying to move away from cigarettes.

9. Dry Herb Combustion Pens

These dry herb combustion pens can be found at

The closest thing you will get to a vape while still smoking your herb. Instead of vaporizing herb, these pens combust them so if you prefer smoking they will give a similar effect as hitting a joint.

Other ways to use Hemp

Smoking is not the only way to consume hemp product, and in my opinion, is the worst way to do so. Some other ways you could consume hemp would be converting it into edibles which you can find a guide to here. Hemp can also be vaporized to get the full effects of the flour without the negatives of combustion. Both of these methods are far healthier for long term use of hemp than smoking.


There is a myriad of edible recipes that you can find all throughout this website. We try and produce a new recipe once a week to make sure you have ample options to choose from when looking for a hemp-based recipe. A few of my favorites would include.

Hemp Butter

This butter can be used as a replacement for butter in any recipe that requires butter. If you are someone who cooks a lot and want to add hemp to many of your recipes, this is an excellent option for you.


    These sweet treats are great excellent ways to quickly make hemp edibles. Requiring nothing more than a Nutella, hemp, and gram crackers these can be made with little to no hassle. Check out our firecracker recipe here!


Vaping is very similar to smoking, however, instead of burning the herb to release its chemicals you vaporize it. This process can be done in a few methods, however, most vaporizers use two methods: conduction and convection. Conduction vaporizers heat up the chamber around the herb causing the herb to vaporize. Once vaporized you can inhale the vapor for much smoother hits when compared to smoking. The vapor is not nearly as harsh on your lungs and there is no tar from inhaling burnt material. Convection vapor, on the other hand, produces the same vapor but does so by heating the air around the herb and causing it to vaporize that way.

Both of these methods are much healthier than if you were to smoke hemp.

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