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Boston Hempire was one of the first vendors to bring Organic Hemp Flower to the market. With a wonderful selection of  10+ Artisan quality strains, they have truly mastered the art of Hemp Flower.

Consistently producing some of the prettiest buds on the market, they have their cure and trim jobs down to a science. At this point, it is almost like a brand identity. Just looking at the trim of a bud, you can tell it is from Boston Hempire.

Hearing that their flower is Organic, might make you believe that Boston Hempire is out of your budget. However, with weekly sales, you can expect to find flower over 50% off.

Boston Hempire goes beyond producing beautiful flower, they are constantly innovating to bring new ideas to the hemp flower market. Bringing the first quality moon rocks, is just one example of their desire to move the market forward.

They have also brought us a fantastic subscription service, allowing consumers to have a never ending supply of hemp.

Boston Hempire is what every new hemp vendor should aim to be, the hemp market is growing quickly and Boston Hempire is not afraid to grow with it.

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